Fady Hadid | Cinematographer


Short Films

A Better Place Than This Super 16mm dir. Daniel Grove
Andronicus Wilde HD | 8mm dir. Daniel Grove
Trivial HD dir. Michael Callahan
Golden Girls Gossip HD dir. Brian Scofield
The Boy and The Officer 3D HD dir. Monica Sender
Hospitality HD dir. Eric Karkheck
Head On HD dir. Monica Sender
The Wicked Waltz HD dir. Monica Sender
The Husbands of Has Beens HD dir. Camila Tanabe
ZOMBO 16mm dir. Alberto Belli
April 10th 16mm dir. Jacob "Junior" Robinson
Thank You USA SD dir. Adel Khaled

Music Videos

Our Hospitality - Tight Sweater HD dir. Camila Tanabe
Willy Joy - Whispering Woods HD dir. Mark Newman
Beth Thornley - You're So Pony HD dir. Liz Manashil
Chicken or Fish - Come On, You Party Animals! SD dir. Adam Ganser
Pete Lawrie - A Little Brighter 35mm dir. Ross Cohen


Clinique: Dinner Party Talk (spec) HD dir. Monica Sender
Diesel: Live Diesel. Play Stupid. (spec) HD dir. Mitsuyo Miyazaki

Web Content

Messed Up Life (pilot) HD dir. Priscilla Obermeier


Other Work

Where We Live | director

An intimate portrait of an Iraqi refugee family trying to create a new home for themselves, with the memories of their war-torn homeland still fresh in their minds.


Hometown Baghdad | producer

An online web series about life in Baghdad. It tells the stories of three young Iraqis struggling to survive during the war.



The Boy and The Officer

short film | 3D HD | dir. Monica Sender


short film | HD | dir. Eric Karkheck | Password: Catalina 470

Head On

short film | HD | dir. Monica Sender

April 10th

short film | 16mm | dir. Jacob "Junior" Robinson

Willy Joy - Whispering Woods

music video | HD | dir. Mark Newman

Beth Thornley - You're So Pony

music video | HD | dir. Liz Manashil

Chicken or Fish - Come On, You Party Animals!

music video | SD | dir. Adam Ganser

Pete Lawrie - A Little Brighter

music video | 35mm | dir. Ross Cohen | co-DP: Liz Yarwood

Clinique: Dinner Party Talk (spec)

spec commercial | HD | dir. Monica Sender

Diesel: Live Diesel. Play Stupid. (spec)

spec commercial | HD | dir. Mitsuyo Miyazaki

Messed Up Life (pilot)

web series pilot | HD | dir. Priscilla Obermeier



As a child, Fady’s fascination with his father’s camera ignited his passion for taking pictures. Many years later, he used it to capture the 2003 invasion of his hometown of Baghdad.

Despite car bombs and death threats, Fady managed to develop a career in filmmaking in Iraq, holding key positions in producing, cinematography and sound design on several award-winning projects, all while earning his engineering degree at the University of Baghdad. He has spoken about these challenging experiences to global media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, The Times of London, The Guardian, Le Monde, BBC, CNN, ABC and NPR.

Fady left Iraq in 2007, when he was awarded a prestigious scholarship to study at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles. He earned an MFA degree in Film and Television Production focusing on cinematography and documentary filmmaking.

Fady’s work has played at festivals around the world and broadcast on major television networks, like the National Geographic Channel and the Sundance Channel. He is an alumnus of the Berlinale Talent Campus, was a candidate for an ASC Heritage Award, and has won the Premio Rossellini award and three Webby Film and Video Awards.


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Fady Hadid

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